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AMS Gallery

Send us your photos via email on our facebook page with a small description and we will upload them to the AMS gallery!

Stephen – Derbyshire Desk Studio 2
Stephen – Derbyshire Desk Studio 1
Jacques – Australia Major XL
Mark – Surrey Minor 37
Derek – California Command Station
Vincent – London Tower E2
Phil – Lancashire Minor 37
AMS Tower E Type 1
Thomas – Germany Tower E Type 1
AMS Major
Eddy Deegan East Sussex – Major
Has given a full review on SOS Forum
AMS Stand custom Stand
Simon from Fareham
“Very happy with my new stand, custom built by AMS stands. Super rigid, light and lots of adjustments to get playing angles and access just perfect.”
AMS Stand custom Stand
John From the USA – AMS Custom Stand
“Really like having the flat plate on the bottom, it keeps the Minilogue from being too high”
Tower V & Major
Mike From Barnsley – Tower V & Major
“I am very pleased with the quality..!! “