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AMS Nano Stands

The Nano System is a DIY stand system that you build around your own set up.
It is designed for small desktop studio equipment with depths of less than 200mm.
Ideally suited to small sound modules, effects pedals and desktop synths.
You can construct a stand up to a maximum of 2 tiers with a total loading weight of 6Kg.
Deck arms can be placed anywhere on the back bar and are adjustable in a back & forward motion, while at a fixed angle of 20 degrees. Systems cost between £30.00 – £95.00.

System examples only

Nano Skeleton

Max Tiers: 2
Max Single devise depth: 200mm
Max devise width: 600mm (back bar dependent)
Max loading weight per pair of deck arms: 1.5Kg
Max stand loading weight: 6Kg (3Kg per tier)
Max devise base height: 115mm
Max 1st tier devise height: 80mm

Construction Notes:

You can construct your own system using the parts below, all hardware and tools are provided.
A maximum of 2 tiers can be built, with a total stand loading of 6Kg.
There is no limit to the amount of deck arms you can use.
If a large depth devise is to be used, or a 2nd tier you will need a back support for stability.

You will need for a single tier set up:

1 Pair of legs
1 Back bar 200mm – 500mm
1 or more pairs of deck arms 100mm – 190mm
Optional back support (essential for a 2 tier set up)

For a 2 tier set up, (as above + the following):

1 Back support
1 Pair of 2nd tier brackets
1 Back bar (2nd tier back bar should not be bigger than the 1st tier back bar)
1 or more pairs of deck arms. 100mm – 190mm

Legs per pair 16.00

Back Bars
200mm £6.00
300mm £6.50
400mm £7.00
500mm £7.50

Deck Arms per pair
100mm £9.50
125mm £10.50
165mm £11.50
190mm £12.50

Back Support £7.00

2nd Tier Brackets Per Pair

Shipping Costs

Shipping from just £6.95.
All shipping information including International shipping can be found on our delivery and shipping page.