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AMS Stands

AMS Command station
The New Command Station with optional extras, side bar, USB Socket & light and Nano Shelf

AMS Stands Overview

AMS Stands delivers a new advanced adaptable modular system of stands especially for D.J studio & performers. Designed for today’s desktop keyboards and equipment. AMS Stands offer a convenient sturdy and secure solution for your musical hardware needs.

The system comes in six size styles Tower, Minor, Major, Stomps, Deltas and Commands.

AMS Stands

Multi Vector Positioning

Position your equipment exactly where you need it.
Complete control over height, tilt, back/forward motion.
Add decks as you need them with a choice of clamps, arms, shelves or U racks.

Simple Modular Assembly

Adjusting and positioning to your own personal preferences is easy using the strong 20 x 20mm aluminium slotted profile system.
No cutting or drilling required.
Simply pop the nuts into the tracks and bolt whatever accessories to the stand you need.

We can advise you on what stand is best for your equipment, subject to a £12.00 consultation fee.